An important negotiation was concluded in 2019 which led to the acquisition of a 4-head printing / lacquering plant for synthetic leather in automotive sector in Europe.

The unique feature of this new system designed and built by Matex S.r.l. is the possibility of using two heads out of four to transfer a thin layer of compound to the top or back of the product. The choice between coating on the top or on the back is done through a quick change of the position of the lacquering head and without the use of additional spaces.

This new plant confirms a trend that has been underway for some years, the one where important players are returning to produce in Europe. For some time, in fact, the Old Continent has been returning to be the center of important high quality productions, sought after by customers whom are increasingly demanding and attentive to the detail in finished product. In addition to this, sensitivity towards the movement of goods has also increased: these costs, which fall both immediately on the product (fuel) and subsequently (pollution, time), are leading to a rethinking in the production chain, which leads to a development more sustainable.