R&D laboratory machines for roll to roll application

With “Rotolabo” we consider all those machines designed for new products development or improving existing products. These machines are laboratories borne to simulate industrial processes from roll to roll. Easy use, flexibility, reliability are their main features.

Inside “Rotolabo” family you can find also:

Rotolabo Multi
Thanks to a basic frame in which several kits can be fixed or removed in few seconds, is it possible to make Rotolabo Multi suitable for a huge number of applications. By Rotolabo Multi all industrial Matex technologies can be simulated in small scale. Rotolabo Multi is available with standard cylinder width of 600 and 900 mm. Rotolabo Multi can be purchased with only the necessary kits and then updated in future with others, choosing among those existing already or new one in developments.

Rotolabo Wet is a simple and compact solution for developing coagulated articles. Is it completely manufactured in stainless steel resistant to water and solvents. It can be supplied in a 350 or 550 mm cylinder width, with a built-in or separate coagulation tank. RotolaboWet simulates the industrial impregnation process identified in the Matex “Rotowet” product family.

Rotolabo Mark is the pilot equipment for embossing and lamination.Mechanic specifications, frame strength, embossing pressure and accuracy are proportional to the industrial lines. It can manufactured in standard cylinder width of 600 mm with single or double IR heater in order to treat one or two substrates.

Rotolabo Pharm
This machine called “Cerottina” is specifically addressed to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for the production of adhesive plasters, respecting technologies and materials required in this sector. Manufactured with a cylinder width of 250 mm and a max. mechanical speed of 5 m/m, Rotolabo Pharm can be also used for real production.