Coating is a technology in which a chemical compound with specific characteristics is applied on a continuous substrate.

Coating can be divided into two main families:

Direct coating: compound is coated directly on a substrate, normally textile, and rewound together with it;

Un-direct or transfer coating: compound is coated in a film or in a paper which is removed at the end of the process.

The coating application can be done by knife or rotating cylinder. The industrial process does not include only the coating head. In some cases it includes additional equipment in order to create the complete production line (e.g. unwinder, winder, accumulator, driers,..)

We can divide the coating processes as follow:

Direct coating:
Rototextile (direct coating on fabrics)
Rotopharm (coating for pharmaceutical/cosmetics application)
Rotofinish (printing and lacquering)

Un-direct coating (transfer)
Rotocoat (transfer coating)
Rotosplit (transfer coating for split leathers)